Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Essential Tips To Follow While Pack Electronics During Home Shifting In Chennai

You will hardly find any home without any electronic item. “It’s not that we use technology, we live technology “, technology becomes the necessity, whether for our work or for our education it plays a vital role. For many of us “technology is a gift from a god, after the gift of the life it is perhaps the greatest of the god’s gift, It is the mother of civilization, of arts and of science”. No matter you are gadgets lovers or not definitely you will have some electronic items at your home for sure! And so if you are moving to a new place from Chennai you will be worried for how to take care of your goods so that they will arrive safely to your destination, so to save your precious and valuable gadgets and electronic items, I am going to tell you some easy tips to make your move easy as pie. Oh! Wait I think we are missing something and I know what it is, do you wanna know? It is some of us will definitely want to hire movers, so I will tell you about proficient and professional movers for our move in #Chennai.

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Requirement for packing electronics items:

Here we will talk about the #packing material you will require for packing your electronic items safely.
  1. DIY: if you want to cut the down the #cost, then you can use some of the old items in your home as a substitute for packing materials, like old towels or blanket and crumbled paper for filling up the vacant space in the box.
  2. Original packing: if you keep original packing of your electronic items, then you won’t have to worry for anything, just #pack your goods in such, because they are #best, suitable and specially designed according to that good and so, will protect your goods more effectively, and if you don’t keep the original packing than you can find the boxes on the local stores or can for the boxes from your movers.
  3. Bubble wrap and secondary packing material: to protect your precious goods you can cover your goods in bubble wrap and use some soft packing paper or plastic sheet to cover your electronic items or its box, so they will keep the dust away.

How to pack your electronic items for a move in Chennai:
  1. Before #moving ahead with the packing of your electronic items, check the condition of your items that they are ready for the road ahead.
  2. Before dissembling or disconnecting any electronic item, don’t ever forget to take the picture of it, this will help you when you assemble the goods at your destination and also help you to know that your goods are in the same condition and state you have loaded.
  3. Securely roll up the disconnected cables and pack them in a clear sealed plastic bag.
  4. As a privacy concern save your important data in some hard disk, pen drive or can store online on a cloud before the arrival of movers and don’t ever forget to lock your pc completely. No matter as for the privacy point of view or other it’s good to do the back up of your valuable data’s because we can’t certain the uncertainties.
  5. If you are moving your printer doesn’t forget to remove its ink or toner cartridges to prevent them to spill.
  6. If you have any electronic items which uses the battery doesn’t forget to remove its battery before the moving in Chennai.
  7. If you have expensive gadgets and you it’s a long haul then don’t forget to take the insurance. Consult your Movers and Packers in Chennai about the insurance and ask about the claiming condition and the condition which is out of the coverage, be sure before availing.

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Organize New Home – Secure The New Home After Relocation In Chennai; Household Shifting In Chennai

So finally your residential shift has now to conclude, you have reached to final stage where you can see the next day in your new home and place.

That excitement and anxiety is natural but the problems and doubts starts from now. The task begins from the unpacking when you have got the all sealed and #safe packed boxes.

Packers and Movers in Chennai today present the special and requisite inquiries and instructions how to handle the boxes after the #relocation gets over.  

Before you step in new house with packers and movers Chennai household shifting charges.

Scrutinize your new home: first of all before you start with rearranging your stuffs and start with the unpacking task go through the new home at least twice the time and investigate all the rooms, halls, bathrooms, kitchen and stores and finalize how much space do you own and how can you settle your belongings.

Top Packers And Movers In Chennai

NOTE- obviously if you are shifting with reliable and professional Packers and Movers Chennai; then your stuffs will be packed according to the rooms and labels. Which will help you to decide that which room you will allocate to your beloved ones and according to it unpack the boxes and start with rearranging?

Consummate desired renovation in new home: obviously when talking about real things might be possible you have purchase a new house or flat which is an empty apartment. You hardly need basic furniture to keep your belongings in organized way. For this you may requisite you go to your new home identify what is there and what you have to renovate? Safe and Secure Movers and Packers Chennai suggest you to first renovate your new house before you unpack and start settling your all belongings.

Glance over spacing utilities: old houses have bulks of stuffs, articles and different belongings. Your grandparents try to place every small or big thing in their homes as if at that time prices were low and big families were into existence. But now-a-days people more prefer to live in separates and form their own small family. That’s why while shifting they have to sort many stuffs; puts into category will be useful or not? Packers and Movers in Chennai wants you to glance your new home storage spacing area and view is it enough to place all your belongings and if not please find alternatives if better possible otherwise let them go from your community. 

After you move in new house with packers and movers Chennai household shifting charges:

1). Gaze the conveyed items: the first and major job will be after moved with movers and packers Chennai #household #shifting #charges approx is that count the boxes and collect them @ one place. Overview the items with packers and movers in Chennai.

2). Unwrap the essentials: to be very safe side after you have done with the process of before move with Packers and Movers of Salem now it’s the time to unpack the essentials you might need in your new home urgently. Essentials would be like according to packers and movers in Chennai.
  • First set up major appliances; you might need for cooking purpose or other works.
  • Second of empty the boxes with disposals plates and glasses for the eating purposes so that you eat and put it into dustbin. Your cleaning utensils job will be lessen down.
  • Third of manage your bathrooms with essential requirements like soaps, towels, shampoo and other stuffs. Which might you need and @ that time you have to hue and cry for these things.

3). Tend to your pets: if you are animal lover and owns a pet. Your pet might need your attention just after the move. You have to make sure that your pets stay calm and polite while they see your new locality for the first time. Take them to the quite room and serve them first with heavy meal.

4). Arrange your home with labelled boxes: Packers and Movers Chennai wants you to go with the flow of essential items first than the rare used articles. With the organize packing method of professional and reliable Packers and Movers in Theni packing of boxes completes with the labelling method; which shows how many, how much and what items the specific box contains. So start you’re #unpacking and arranging process with unpacking require boxes.

That’s all for the organize move after the move finishes with Packers and Movers in Chennai. Wish this would help you to organize your move like professional packers and movers Chennai. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Things To Ask Future Landlord Before Relocation: Packers Movers Chennai

Relocating to a new place from #Chennai, usually when we are #shifting to a new place from our hometown or place where we were residing for the longer duration, we obviously go for home on a rent basis, and think for investing in some property afterwards when we are going to settle there, but before that I don’t think so any of us will go for it, because for doing a huge investment we have to look forward to many factors and have to know the place better, till then what you #need is to go for a house on a rent. Finding a good place is the very first step when we have came to a conclusion for shifting to a new place, because if we have a good place to live then no worries for anything, that’s why today in this article, I am going to tell you what questions you should ask to your future landlord so you won’t have to face any complications afterwards, so shall we start.

What are the aids in emergency situation?

Is the maintenance staffs present 24/7? If yes then good but what if it’s not then who will fix the if piper burst, toilet chock, there is problem in the flow of water supply, heater wont working in the middle of the winter and other maintenance issues. So ask for all such and if they have the maintenance team then what are the criteria to contact them, is there any online maintenance request system, or ask for email address and contact details.

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What is the pet policy there?

If you are pet lover and for your pet is like a family member, then before deciding for your new home ask before is pets are allowed or not? Because many landlords won’t allow a pet in their apartment or home, so don’t forget to ask this question, if you are willing to add a new furry family member in the near future or already have then.

Document the current condition of your new home?

The first rule before selecting any home is to inspect it; neither your landlord nor the broker will bring it up to you about the flaws in the new home, so visit twice or thrice in the apartment or home you are willing to choose, mark down the scratches holes, or any damage already present in the new home. Check the other necessities that water pipe is in good condition, tape is in proper condition, no blockage in water pipe, proper ventilation is there, electricity supply etc.

What are the Utilities already available to you?

Ask your landlord what are the utilities they are providing or already present in the home, so you can decide what to opt and what to not. So you will know which one you have to handle independently, ask your landlord do they have any deal with the internet company, and so you will have low #cost monthly bill.

What if there is delay in paying the monthly rent?

Is there any grace period after the date of rent, what is the date till I can pay you the rent, if I am late than the allowable then what are the conditions and additional fee.

What are the conditions for non reimbursement of security deposit?

Ask in what circumstances you won’t allow to get your security deposit. Some normal wear and tear to the floors and walls are acceptable, so before choosing read the terms and conditions for non reimbursement of security deposit.

What are Criteria for paying monthly rent?

Do I have to send you rent through a draft, or through a cheque in a specific bank or in cash? So before finalizing with your new landlord, ask for the criteria for monthly rent payment.

What are the Conditions for early moving out?

12 months is a really long time, may be you are taking your new home on a lease basis, so ask your landlord for the conditions for breaking the lease before maturity, what are the condition for it any prior notice period etc.

Can we make changes in the new home or apartment?

Check the level of rules and restrictions some landlords are lenient, they won’t care if you paint your new home or apartment you just have to ask them for any changes, and some won’t even allow tacking the poster on the wall, and note this down before getting for any change its better to get the agreement on writing.

I hope this will be fruitful for you and for your #household #relocation in Chennai you can choose Packers and Movers Chennai and feel free for the whole way. They are from top 4 leading moving companies; they are associated with the proficient team so to provide excellent services to their customers in the legitimate charges, that’s why they also know as #cheap, and #best movers and packers in Chennai. Packers and Movers Chennai #price #quotes will be presented to you after free survey of your home. 
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