Sunday, 30 June 2019

4 Statements That Articulate You've Wrapped Your Boxes Incorrect Way

An initiated taken by packers and movers in Chennai to make your packing worries simple and easy with logical tips.

Everyone knows – packing and moving is a time-consuming and tangled process, so the worse thing can be to plus even more difficulties for yourself by committing major packing mistakes, would be a sign of stupidity which usually you won’t be planning to do so.

Before Packers and Movers Chennai highlights those 5 signs showing that your boxes are packed wrong, it’s important that you make up your mind and focus on how to recognize these basic but heavy packing mistakes early as possible so that you can fix them if you found and even skip them when you know.  

Don’t be just an ordinary packer. Be a great packer!

Movers and packers in Chennai is staging the top 4 signs that you’ve wrapped your boxes wrong way

1. Your Boxes Are Not Double-Taped Anywhere

Correct way: the bottoms and edges of cardboard boxes should be double-taped for plus protection

When wrapping for your move, it’s crucial to comprehend the concern of cardboard boxes, these boxes are meant to be transport from point A to point B and you must realize that they have been cuddling with your prized possessions; so extra concern towards them becomes mandatory. However then and now if re-used boxes are used to pack then somewhere there saturation point may arrive where you need to fight with broken cardboard. So to avoid such mistakes no matter whether the cardboard box is all new or a usable one. Take an initiative to pack your cardboard boxes correctly by putting double-taped towards bottoms especially and at the edges. A secure and smart move described by #Safe and #Reliable #Packers and #Movers in #Chennai.

The reason to say this is because- one way your fragile items may get hurt or badly broken while moving, when the bottom of the cardboard box just got broke due to the weight and whatever inside it just simply drops direct onto the ground. And if such happens then definitely your job is going to increase and stress too.

Therefore professional Packers and Movers in Chennai tell you to get high quality cardboard boxes for #packing and quality #packaging materials. Tape twice the bottom of box and edge where the probability is higher to crack down. Make sure to follow this when the box contains fragile or other heavy items.

2. Your Boxes Are Not Marked In Anyway

Correct way: each packed box must be clearly marked with its content with handling instructions if requisite on the top or either at least at one of its sides.

This is not at all mandatory to label or mark the boxes but safe and secure #Movers and #Packers #Chennai suggest to do so because when you’re shifting by your own definitely you may take help from your friends and neighbors to help you to load and unload the boxes and safely land it into your house for further action. Now the third person is unaware of what’s inside logically. So if you be an intelligent one and show that the box contains fragile or heavy item and needed to take care while lifting and dropping then this will help the viewer and you to safe the item from accident.

So Packers and Movers Nungambakkam Chennai advise you to label the boxes for security reasons, simply just take a black marker and write “handle with care” or “contains fragile items” or can even mention “washroom essentials” such labels to highlights what’s inside. If you’re running late we won’t force you to do so except you mention the fragile item box clearly even to notify you and other helping hands.

Local Packers And Movers Chennai

3. You’re Boxes Are Too Heavy To Lift And Carry Safely

Correct way: make sure each wrapped box does not get exceed with its safety weight limit – near to 50 pounds. If using second- hand boxes rather instead of new one than weight limit should be lower.

One of the most common mistake everyone do is to assume that large cardboard boxes are tend to hold weighted items whereas small boxes are designed to handle light items, is you think same too? Well in reality the logic is to pack heavy items in small or medium sized boxes and pack light weight items to large boxes.

#Movers and #Packers in #Chennai shares one of the worst packing mistakes where you attempt to fill more stuffs in a single box which makes the container heavier than its requisite. And as a result the consequence you may suffer is of overfilling and breaking of items and boxes. So it’s better to fetch the box condition first know how much capacity is the limit it can hold and accordingly pack it.
Now the question is how to find box weight limit?

A simple trick is to decide the weight according to the size; if size is small tend it to be little heavier than the one you accept and if the box is large in size then tend to put it little lesser in weight so to make it easy to hold and lift.

4. Your Boxes Make Clanking Noises. 

Correct way: nothing inside box makes it sounds irritating indeed very irritating, so all items seem packed tightly with no empty space between them.

If taken easy with packing you can create a huge mess while #moving. Packers and Movers Perambur Chennai shares you a tip to wrap each item carefully and gradually after packing each item put them into the box and make sure to avoid air and space between them. If left lose with spaces then those clanking noise and sound may disturb you throughout the way and may the product inside get hurt due to this friction and shaken behavior. So movers and packers in Chennai suggest you to fill the spaces; not mandatory to fill the space by putting extra items in order to fill the space but this way will increase the weight of the box and may also increase of chances of breaking down. Fill the blank space with crumbled newspaper, bubble wraps, cardboard partitions and etc.

Avoid the space between items inside box to protect them from damage due to friction and also to avoid noises which generates due to their shaking nature.


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