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What You Assume For Insurance Plans – Full Value Protection Plans Or Released Value Plans| Spot Which Is Better For You

We all know about the insurance and insurance policies movers offer, but do you really understand what a insurance plan means and how can you be in benefit if you have it while moving. Well many from you would know about this and many not the reason is simple, companies explain the services in deeply but they don’t explain the entire story of such services which stands very crucial to a person walking to a long way – what are insurance plans when you move, what are the different types of insurance plans you can opt, which plan is best suitable, advantages of all plans and most importantly why you should opt insurance for a long term move. You will get clarify with each and every query here – stay connected with us and hire the top and safe packers and movers Chennai best insurance service providers.

What are insurance plans?

A crucial topic to know and understand about the insurance plans – well we all know and have heard about insurance in several different fields – vehicle, house, life, gold and etc. but why insurance has been added into moving? The reason behind offering insurance plans to our customers is because, when you’re #moving to a long way then definitely the insurance is crucial to avoid loss of both money and product. However Movers and Packers in Chennai keeps strong safety measures along with tight security and packing strategies but yet we do not guarantee anyone for non-damage shift in terms of natural disasters. If it’s our mistake while packing, loading and shipping then definitely we’ll pay your back accordingly but if it’s not our case then insurance is the only plan which can save you from the loss of stuff and money. This is the reason why insurance plans are important when moving for a long way. Top and Best Packers and Movers in Chennai always advise our clients to get into the insurance plan in whichever you like just to be safe at the worse sides where you find high damages onto the product.

Which are the different types of insurance plans packers and movers Chennai offers you?

Well Packers and Movers in Chennai just provide you two different types of insurance plans –
  1. Full value protection plans
  2. Released value protection plans

These both plans are #best to their sides but before choosing any plan it’s essential to know it what are they and why are they useful so according to your move requirement you can choose which plan suits the best to you.

·        Full value protection plan

This is the most hired and comprehensive insurance plan which you can choose to protect your items. However choosing this plan will affect your moving bill with a little increment but you get several benefits when you go for full value plans. As the name suggest full value means you’re not just paying for the valuable and #most expensive goods when moving but you’re also paying for all the stuffs you’ll be taking to destination. Your entire household range will get a protection layer within this plan – offered by Packers and Movers in Chennai. Although the cost will increase but still you’ve assurance for safety and security of entire range. So whether you’ve large number of valuable stuffs or small if you’ve budget and you know while shifting your goods can get damaged then hire this plan as early as possible. Also know more in deep about this from your mover.

Safe Packers And Movers Chennai

Movers and packers in Chennai is unable to share its costs but if you’re planning to hire this, please reach us and share your household details and thus get a right estimate immediately. Also fix a house survey date with us for free – hire the Safe and Best Packers and Movers in Chennai.

·        Released value protection plan

Under this insurance plan company will provide you insurance over the goods but they won’t provide you real protection to your goods, movers generally assume their liability and prevention against your goods for no more than 60% per item. So in simple words movers will not entertain your stuffs very seriously, they’ll just do this as a liability and will return the 60% of the damage cost in return if happened during the move. Comparatively to full protection plan this plan is slightly risky.  This is a basic and common insurance plan what every #top #moving company offers you for free of charge and this is the reason that why mover do not focus and shield the goods when moving. Packers and Movers in Madurai also offer you this insurance plan for free whenever you move with us. It’s a free insurance plan but also note that if your stuff gets damage we’ll provide you 60% from the damaging #cost not more than this.

Even we’re serving you 60% ratio but many companies don’t even serve you this insurance plan as it’s free and every customer #moving with them has a right for this plan.
So if it’s your long move then hire the full protection insurance plan as for high safety but if you’re shifting locally or within the state or near regions then there’s no sense to pay extra over full protection plans, instead a released free protection plan will be sufficient for your move.

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