Monday, 29 June 2020

How To Outright Household Packing Till Settling Cycle Safely During Covid 19 Pandemic?

These type of pandemic was lastly seen around 1968, the time where technology, transportation, infrastructure, industrious was in the starting pace but now they are in the rising pace and disease which spread with the human contact are more likely to cover the larger area due to it. Government, doctor everyone i trying their best to find the cure as soon as possible and the life is again on the green light mode. We can't put the stop to our normal life for a larger time people have to earn to in order to live, and that's for what we are going back to our normal routine BUT with the precautions and some changes in their routine which include washing our hand, avoid touching our face, avoid handshake, sanitize the things prone to touch by most of the humans and many more. When getting back to our things it may include a case of #shifting your home which was on hold due to Covid pandemic outbreak or due to the pandemic spread thinking for a new employer, whatever the Case may be, this guide from Movers and Packers in Chennai will help you moving with the utmost safety during such pandemic.

Before you move consider these point's:

1. Cautionary approach while selecting a moving company.

Ask your moving company what precautions are they taking to keep themselves and you safe from this virus, for knowing the range of prevention ask these questions:
  • What precautions your moving team is taking to prevent the spread of Covid 19.
  • What precaution you are taking for your team including drivers.
  • What are your suggestions for customer while handling the move.
  • What you will do if one of your crew member or customer is diagnosed with Covid 19.
  • How you keep a check on the health of your team?
Packers And Movers Chennai

2. Yes! To virtual survey:

The best way to keep yourself and your family away from diseases to avoid the in person contact, so for the safety of you and your family Packers and Movers in Chennai are performing virtual survey, in this they will asses the household items through virtual survey, you just have to perform some little tasks like:
  • Charge your phone fully.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Make sure your home is well lit.
  • Have measurement tape in hand in case your mover wants to know size of particular item or appliances. So avoid in person survey and ask your movers for virtual survey.

3. Make sure rescheduling is available:

In such an uncertain time you should ask your movers, do they have an option of rescheduling ask what is their refund and deposit policy and whom to contact in case of need and inquiry. Before you select any company please read how to identify genuine company so to safe yourself from any fraud. Move your luxurious car with the precautionary and safe services of Packers and Movers Chennai.

4. Clean the frequently touched surfaces:

Get a disinfecting solution and clean the surfaces which are frequently touched like door knobs, toilets, handles, faucets, electronics, also if your disinfecting spray or liquid contains a alcohol then keep the fire away from it avoid using lighter, matchbox just after the clean up and when you are holding the product.

During your move:

Greet with smile avoid handshake.

1. Maintain social distance:

Keep a 2 arms length when your movers are working, avoid assisting them let them do their work and it’s best to keep your pet and your Children in safe and separate place. If you think you can help yourself with the whole moving process then read how to pack your household goods while moving safely from #Packers and #Movers in #Chennai guides.

2. Wash hands:

Keep the sanitizer at the door and when movers come before they enter offer them sanitizer and then process for #moving. You should also wash your hands often.

3. Other precautions:

Wear mask, avoid touching your hands, drink normal or warm water, avoid sharing food, wash your hands frequently.

If any point of time if you suspect or have seen some symptoms related to virus inform your movers and contact your doctor. Local Packers and Movers Chennai have required equipment’s and material for protecting your goods from moving uncertainties as well as from virus risks.

After your Move:

How to begin with unpacking:

Before you unpack wear your gloves take disinfecting liquid or spray and clean the frequently touched surfaces which you think movers or any outsider have touched, now go with the unpacking without removing your gloves clean the surface of moving box with the wiping cloth having disinfecting spray. After sometime of the process unpack your things and get rid of the packing material safely, if you have store which you don't use regularly keep this material their because the virus remain on the surface for maximum 72 hours.

If you are planning for upcoming move or have any query related to the current move, contact #Packers and #Movers #Chennai expert.
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