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Relocation Through Stairs now Would not be Scary, Packers and Movers Chennai Guide on How to Move when you have Stairs on Way

That stairs looks nightmare enough when you have a ton of moving boxes to move up and down, it not only requires strength, energy but before hand planning for relocating a moving boxes from moving truck into a new home in one piece. You don't need herculean formula for solving this mystery of safely moving your household or corporate possession from one floor to another, even if you not hiring experienced Moving company like Packers and Movers Chennai you can handle this work easily with right partner and right equipment but before you pack your moving boxes and tape it securely you need to look on this points.

Packers and Movers Chennai are performing moving and packing services for more than 15 years and in connection with the vendors who have reliable and capable team for carrying out the relocation job, from packing till rearranging in new home they never fall in negligence and that's how they achieve flawless, damage and scratch free relocation in Chennai.Whether you are moving long distance or short distance, moving with pets or kids Movers and Packers Chennai helps in all.

Plan ahead

We always suggest you to take a walk Through your possessions you can fairly divide what is needed and what is not while packing for your new home, follow the same while moving your goods upstairs thing the potential challengers while shifting your goods, measure the height, weight and length of the same, now keep the track and compare the same with your stairs ceiling and corners and prepare a plan.

Decide what position will be best for the respective goods, does it need to be carried out on particular angle for avoiding  hitting on walls. Look through the possible moving equipment which can ease the job and think how many people you need to move the goods. Of you are hiring Movers and Packers near Chennai then let them handle the job just hand over them the details and they will finish the work perfectly.

Right equipment for the job.

Wanna cut down that scary stair moving to the zero, get the right equipment on the sight. Some moving truck vendor provide the option of renting a moving equipment, so make sure they have these before you book one.

·        Moving straps: it’s a harness which allows you to move and lift heavier items which you can't normally do, the strap is looped round the item from the two sides which will be lift by two person remember while using it for the move the stronger person should handle the item from the bottom side of the stairs so to manage the law of gravity.

·         Hand truck: load your good on the hand truck and ready to move, just remember you will find variety of dolly will renting a one but make sure you are renting a L shaped two wheel hand truck, as furniture dolly has four wheels not perfect for the stairs job.Checkout what are the right lifting techniques before you lift any heavy item on Packers and Movers site.

·         Stair climbing dolly: these hand trucks are specially made for stairs and can be operated manually or with battery. This will make the job so easy that only a one person can move the item up and down without any stress.

Use what's in your pocket.

Moving in a hurry or didn't find the required moving equipment near Chennai then use what’s already available with you.

·         Sturdy blanket: not dealing with the much heavier item take it easy, then simply slip the blanket under the item and using excess fabric make the handles on sides. With the help of friend lift the item up or down the stairs. Again follow the same let the stronger person handle the weight on the opposite direction.

·         Some basic tools: depending on the item you may be able to decode I mean dismantle with the help of screwdriver into a more manageable pieces. Also don't miss the moving and packing tips from Packers and Movers for healthy and safe packing.

Protect your stairs.

Doesn't want to hurt your new home or someone else property then apply these protection layers.

·         Stair runners: if you are dealing with wooden stairs these neoprene will save your stairs from scratches and dents and don't worry they won't slip as they have anti slip surface and adhesive backing.

·         Old blankets and rugs: thick blankets or rugs can protect your stairs just make sure you tape them well and check them on intervals that nothing is getting bunched and creating a tripping hazard.

·         Rosin papers: normally builders and contractors use rosin paper during construction work for protecting the surface but can't fully protect the wood surface well.

·         Non slip drop cloths: these plastic drop cloths conform to the shape of wooden stairs and keep dirt and dust at bay. Remember these suitable for padding the wooden stairs.

Well ready to move, make sure you wear a comfortable cloth during a moving day and don't forget to keep your essential box with you and for any assistance in moving you are just one call away from #Packers and #Movers near #Chennai 

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